About Us


The value and desirability of Nursery School and Daycare is widely recognized not only on educational grounds but also for developing social skills and self-confidence.  Established in 2000, The BEEZ KNEEZ Nursery School is committed to providing young children with a warm, happy and stimulating environment where they are free to explore and challenge their unique, developing talents and abilities. Our schools are located in Toronto’s finest, family oriented neighbourhoods. Situated in converted residential homes in Lytton Park and Davisville Village, our schools are bright and airy and provide a warm, homey atmosphere for your child’s first school experience. At each school there is a garden that provides for plenty of opportunity for outdoor activities.

BEEZ KNEEZ Educational Philosophy

The BEEZ KNEEZ educational philosophy is to focus on the whole child by nurturing self esteem, building character and preparing  each student to be an independent, responsible and successful person. All of our programs place a significant emphasis on the children’s social and emotional development. This ensures that each child builds the necessary self esteem, confidence and social skills to succeed in school and life.

The enjoyment of school at this stage in a child’s life is paramount.  Our goal is to give your child opportunities that challenge and develop their unique skills and abilities. Children will be free to explore their surroundings in a comfortable and loving environment which facilitates their learning by building on their interests, thoughts and ideas, as well as offering new experiences.  Each BEEZ KNEEZ school draws families from it’s immediate area and this ensures that you and your child will have plenty of opportunity to interact with and get to know other families from the neighbourhood.

All of the BEEZ KNEEZ programs are designed to promote eachchild’s social and emotional development. One of the most valuable aspects of nursery school education is learning social skills and learning to have confidence in one’s own abilities. These areas of development are integrated into all aspects of our programs.

Teaching Staff

The children benefit from a high degree of individual attention from dedicated, professionally qualified teachers. All of our teachers share the BEEZ KNEEZ belief that every child needs individual

care and support to help them grow emotionally, intellectually and physically.

Our teachers hold Ontario Teaching Certificates or Early Childhood Education Diplomas.